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料理教室「Ayaka Cooks」では、世界に誇る日本の食文化は、繊細且つ美食。“侘び寂び”を大切に、家庭料理からフィンガーフード(おもてなし料理)まで幅広く伝授。懐石料理店を営む母親の料理をベースに<メイン料理+1汁2菜+デザート>が基本の形。また、陶芸家である父親の作品を用いて、お皿と料理を使って視覚でも楽しめる盛り付けにこだわっています。料理・器・テーブルを優美に演出するフードスタイリングも披露。 お気に入りの洋服を着てドレスアップするように、器の選び方・盛り付け方を学び、インテリアを飾るようにテーブルの上全てを“料理”する楽しみを感じてもらえることでしょう。ご要望に応じて、和食ベジタリアンや出張でのプライベートレッスンも行っています。 教室は小さなキッチン付きのワンルームで、観葉植物などのグリーンを基調としたアットホームな雰囲気。父の作品や、海外のレシピ本なども飾り、温かみのあるインテリアが印象的です。 「AyakaCooks」で最も大切にしているのはリラックスできる環境であること。料理を通して奥深い日本文化を学びつつ、“ここに来ると心が温まる”そんな空間作りを心がけています。

Ayaka Cooks is a cooking class that specializes inteaching Japanese cuisine to people who have come to Japan from other countries. Native Japanese residents who have an interest inspeaking English, studying overseas, and engaging in cultural exchange are of course also more than welcome to attend.
Japan’s esteemed food culture is known for being subtle and delicious. At Ayaka Cooks, I teach a wide range of recipes from home dishes to “omotenashi” finger food dishes while respecting the values of “wabi-sabi”, the age-old aesthetic of transience and refined simplicity that is a source of the depth and richness of Japanese cuisine.Based on the same basic format of the meals served at my mother’s traditional Japanese restaurant, the meals that I prepare consist of 1main dish + 1 soup + 2 vegetable dishes + 1 dessert. When presenting dishes, I use ceramic pieces made by my father, who is a potter, and I take particular care to arrange the food and platesso that they can also be enjoyed visually. I am always eager to show food styling techniques for presenting the food, wares, and table in elegant compositions.
As you learn about how to select wares and styledishes—which is much like dressing up in your favorite clothes—you are sure to gain an appreciation for the joys of preparing everything on the table just as you would decorate an interior. I can also teach Japanese vegetarian recipes and provide private lessons at your home by request.
My classroom is a one-room space with a cozykitchen, and I have decorated the room with plants to give it a homely atmosphere. Worksmade by my father and cookbooks from around the world add to the warm feel of the interior.

When you are living as a foreigner in a country away from home, you will encounter many new things, and every day can be stimulating and exciting. At the same time, however, it can be easy to find yourself feeling lonely, anxious, and lost when you are in a land of unfamiliar customs and cultures. Learning from my own experienceof living abroad, I have set up my cooking class with the aim of creating a place where people who have traveled from overseas to live in Japan can feel at home away from home. This is why the most important thing for me is that Ayaka Cooksprovides a relaxing environment. I hope that the space will warm the hearts of all who come tolearn about the profound culture of Japan through cooking.